"essential service" roll call.. You're not alone

Administrative staff for a financial institution in Toronto's financial district. My company does not yet have a work from home situation functioning as far as I'm aware. There are strong attempts though. Social distancing at my company, for all their talk, is not happening. Particularly from managers. I don't feel people at every level in my company are taking this seriously enough. Everyone who is left in the office, which is most staff, is sitting far too close together. People are coughing consistently and not covering their faces. I have loads of behaviour I'm watching that's just making my skin crawl. Sure the building is pretty locked down and tones of hand sanitizer provided by building management in the lobby, and some dispensers that run out far too quickly on our floor, but the situation is still wrong. It's not enough. But I'm essential (debatable in my opinion). I go, but man do I not want too. I'd feel more comfortable if more people respected social distancing, and didn't make a joke of it. Sorry for the rant. :(

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