Ethical Ranking Challenge: Who's Best to Worst of the Following 5 Individuals?

well, how else was she going to cross the river? was she to build her own boat by going to the person who built sinbad's boat and asking him how to do it? and he would just give the schematics away for free? like that would happen. unless, she did have money.. and did she have to go to sinbad? wasn't any other riverboat captain that would take her to the destination, or did sinbad have the monopoly? are these people the only five survivors in the deserted post-apocalyptic hellhole that this tale of high drama takes place in? are they even human, or are they eldritch abominations from space?

i need answers, my judging compatriot. only when i have an entire seven-volume encyclopedia on this fictional realm may i be able to make a sound moral decision on this ethical ranking challenge

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