[Ethics] Tim Pool: "Many outlets and journalists are saying that "alt left" is not a legitimate term because it doesnt define a specific group of people yet at the same time many are willing to label anyone who disagrees with their opinion "alt right""

I'm not gonna point out the SJWs and Alt-left because we have discussions on the daily about them, so I will speak about their diametrical opposition:

The Alt-right lost comedic sympathy right after the election. From memes to collective chants, it is not exactly the best way to portray your ex-troll, now [insert -ists] movement and hope for consideration -Specially you hear that they bask on the chaos the Alt-left partake on, to justify their [Alt-right] actions and talking points (which are fucking ridiculous anyway) Why would anyone with a sense of mind defend them past their right to speak their now ID politics? They said it themselves, they're cool with all this shit as long as it favors their exposure.

I suggest that everyone who is not in the movement or particularly supports it, should step away far as possible from them and their supporters. This is past the point of us sorta siding with them to troll SJWs and make jokes... We are already in the crossfire anyway. I've been saying this shit since Berkeley.

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