Ethnic Armenians destroy buildings, sever cables and cut trees before Baku moves in (to Nagorno-Karabakh)

A unreliable source of an opposition propaganda piece. The quote is neither mentioned in any other Azerbaijani source, nor in any German source. I don't need to mention that no international newspaper wrote about it. Which would be the case if he actually said it.

So you are going to dismiss my evidence, without evidence, as fake news.


For the same reason US war criminals don't get procecuted: national pride and a mentality that doesn't acknowledge the importance of integrity.

You acknowledge that these crimes happened, you acknowledge that Azerbaijan is covering them, but you don't understand why Armenians are scared of remaining?

It's a precedent of how arch enemy can become close allies. By villainizing the other side, this conflict will never resolve. Both sides need to acknowledge the past but open a new chapter. But by burning houses and ethnically cleansing the region Armenians choose a route of continued conflict.

It is. So, when is Azerbaijan going to stop committing these atrocities, acknowledge it committed them, apologize for doing so and pay reparations? And while we are at it, arresting and convicting Azerbaijani soldiers guilty of war crimes?

Until that happens, you cannot reasonable use France and Germany as example for this situation, as those acts were a prerequisite for the current situation.

Also, I find your use of "ethnic cleansing" extremely problematic. An ethnic group fleeing a country does not make that group complicit in their own ethnic cleansing.

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