ETM was taken too soon - imagine his Twitter feed if he had 280 characters.

i would call you a democrat...not a liberal. liberal has a new definition. i think the system is good how it is. the liberal media is just evil. they will do anything for ratings. look at the justified shooting of keith lamont scott. people instantly rioted and went around attacking white people. it turned out it was a black cop that shot an armed black man. not a white cop that shot an unarmed black man as it was portrayed. while other news outlets pointed out the gun on the ground, and the holster on his leg... cnn said it looked like a rubber glove, and didn't admit he had a gun for hours after it was confirmed. the dylann roof story got months of coverage, which it obviously should, but this recent nashville shooting that replicated it is almost entirely ignored by all main stream media. i wouldn't be surprised if you don't know what i am referring to, because the lack of coverage. apparently the nfl is bigger news than the similar story that was talked about for months. people are just tired of the identity politics the left plays. there is always improvement for policing, but the truth is 95% of these controversial stories simply are not. liberals should spend their time inventing a new tool for police to use instead of making another meaningless mobile game.

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