EU backs greater military cooperation - Foreign policy chief wants to establish Europe as a ‘superpower that believes in multilateralism and cooperation’

I don't think this surprises anyone. Though I think an EU military is inevitable.

Can you imagine when it get's built? Will it ever even be used? How much will it cost?

Considering the scale of the EU I think UK holding up the process (until we wait for Brexit to be done) is not the worst thing in the world. Patience has intense value. And isn't the EU all about consensus?

I still haven't heard the right questions that would make me feel secure. What even is the purpose of the military? Russia? Islam? US? Moving the federalist agenda along?

I don't think the scale of this action can be underestimated. British, French, German and US arms and training. More people than the US. It will be huge.

At the end of the day, we build army's for war. I'm not opposed to this. I just... I just don't think the discussion is at a level that is really appropriate considering the potential consequences of this decision.

We've been doing this shit for centuries and still every military we action we take we cannot control the fallout. We still make huge mistakes. Think of the scale of the EU. Think of the EU leadership. Are they really known for rational, pragmatic, non-ideological decision making?

Again, I'm not necessarily opposed to this. I think it's unstoppable. I just get worried. The direction the world is heading is not so great. WW3 seems like a genuine possibility over the next couple of decades. An EU military certainly has the potential to be a catalyst for that. Challenging US hegemony. Panicking the Russians.

Increasing militarisation. Starting space race. Overpopulation/climate change/resource scarcity. Mass population displacement. Donald Trump.

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