[EU] The Federation make their last stand against the Borg, and the Fedration are losing. At the close of battle a new, unknown, species enters the combat and easily defeats the Borg. They now want you, the Federation, to explain yourselves.

“Sir we have lost aft, ventral, and port shields, forward shields at 13%, dorsal and starboard 5%. Our compliment of quantum torpedos has been exausted. Phaser fire is having no effect.” Commander Worf reported. “The Defiant and Bozeman are the only remaining combat effective vessels. The rest of the fleet has either been destroyed or disabled.”

A large blast rocked the ship and alarms began blaring from multiple consoles.

“Primary power failing. Venting atmosphere on decks 7 through 13 port side. Multiple emergency force fields failed to activate. Thrusters are offline and the decompression has put us into a slow roll to starboard sir.”

“Understood Data...Lt Perim can we maintain enough control to steer into the cube?”

“No sir, I can't even counter the roll let alone steer effectively.” the Trill shouted over the alarms.

“Sir if your intention is to ram the cube may I suggest we engage the warp drive momentarily the next time the bow of the ship rolls across the cubes face then allow our current forward interia to do the rest?” Data calmly replied.

“Make it so” Picard stated, knowing that this likely futile maneuver would if nothing else result in a quick and merciful end to his crew's lives rather than the hell they would experience should they be assimilated. “Order the Bozeman and Defiant to retreat and save as many survivors as they can.”

As the Borg cube rolled slowly into the view screen Picard opened his mouth to give the command but before he could speak the cube disintegrated.

“Sir” Worf reported, “An extremely large vessel appeared through some sort of wormhole and destroyed all 47 Borg cubes before they had a chance to react.

Aboard the massive newcommer ship a haggard officer turned to a hologram in the center of the bridge and said “Ok...now can you tell me what we are doing here?”

The hologram turned to face the officer...”This is where we will find him.”

“We better Cortana...because we just stole the only functional Forerunner ship the UNSC has ever gotten ahold of and it's going to be more than a slap on the wrist if we don't pull this off.

“Has he ever let us down Thomas? Have I ever let you down?”

The Captain paused as he surveyed the scene before him...his mind in another place.

“No to both...now lets meet our new friends...open a channel.”

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