EU issues a 10-page list of retaliatory tariffs on US goods, says Trump is playing a 'dangerous game'

Hey "America", take a fucking look at yourself? Putins intention has ALWAYS been to create divisions amongst your people. Putin is the one who exacerbates racial tension. He's the one who let all the illegal immigrants into california. He's the one who made half of those californians homeless...

"That's putins intention..."

How retarded.

Yeah, blame decades of unrest on a foreign power that the people are so helpless to defend themselves against...


The truth is, you are a segregated nation of 300+ million. Good luck trying to get that many people to agree to ANYTHING. but yet, a foreign power seems to be able to. Well if that's the case, suck the fuck in.

But it's not.

Your country is segregated because of your people. Don't be so ignorant. Putins "intention" is a fucking weak excuse for an already crumbling empire. America is weak and pathetic, because it's divided. Your country is going to suffer for a long time, because of the people, not because of putin.

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