EU leaders 'have accepted UK is leaving without a deal' | Politics News

Thank you for invoking that old trope, because there's something in it that I don't think gets said enough: yes, Brexit will be economically harmful for the UK, yes European values are a positive influence on the UK and yes that will be a sad loss. But do the populace deserve the outcome? Abso-fucking-lutely; both the Leave and Remain camps. For different reasons. Leave? Obvious; they voted for it, and hope to make a good go of an independent UK. Good luck to them, they will need it. Remainers? Most seem to be of the liberal left; the same demographic who shouted down any concerns about globalisation the loudest, branding anyone who dare complain about it's impact as racist. There may have been instances where the accusation held water; but there will also be many where easing in globalist policies and refraining from 'rubbing the rights nose in diversity' could have avoided all the social unrest and avoided a vote of desperate protest against Europe and/or our obviously Pro-Euro government. The arrogant globalists, the ones who have most to benefit from Europe, did this to themselves.

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