EU leaders to declare: 'We cannot take more migrants'

Feel free to keep scrolling through as many of my posts as you wish. Its clearly open and free as such, so be my guest. You can make this is as personal as you want it, and its obvious that you have by shifting the argument from what we originally were talking about to me and my posts directly, but there are some inherent fallacies in what you are mentioning, but that is quite alright. I digress and will be more than happy to make this personal and answer any of the generalities you think you understand.

You are wrong on so many accounts though.

You do not get paid to attend language classes in Sweden. SFI (swedish for immigrants) is the program that is provided by the Swedish government here for foreigners and you’re required to take it to prove language ability. However, I have also purchased Babbel for the past year and a half on my own accord and used duolingo, asides from SFI online to learn Swedish. I assume you think those pay me as well, huh?

Feel free to do some research on it. You used to get paid for it, but they did away with that long ago, as many of the people that were taking the courses were already being assisted by the government. Even when SFI paid out, it was less than 1000 USD for the entire course (which can last over a year), which amounts to nothing in Sweden.

Why would I pay income tax, if I have no job? I still pay taxes on any products imported or purchased here. You are absolutely right about the jobless part, that is why I worked for years saving up before I made the leap to come here. I still don't get paid money like asylum seekers here do monthly, and as their children do as well. I saved up before I came here because I knew the job situation in Sweden would not be very fruitful until I acclimated and joined society and learned the language. That is the proper way to enter a country. I had to provide documentation of all this before I even got accepted to come here. If you think I've just been lying around and eating and sitting, then yea, no, i've been trying to find work, but I prepared for the inability to do so as well. Also, i'm not a permanent resident, so all that info about free university also goes out the window. You love generalities, huh?

Whoever said I would be European or Swedish? I am an American/Texan. That does not change just because I move somewhere else.

What do I know? I know poll numbers (surely you can provide information based on one view point, as you've provided), but I can also take a look at how Swedes poll in terms of who and what parties they vote for. I know what I can read online, just the same as you about the opinions of who supports SD, whom is one of the only parties leading anti-immigration in the country. They have recently gotten more votes, but are far from being even close to winning. That is what I know.

I think it's laughable that you keep going back to this jobless aspect. As well as the language aspect. I may not have a job, but I obviously did before I came here. I also get by pretty well with my Swedish, despite not speaking it perfectly, and guess what? Every Swede speaks english, so it's pretty great for the times i'm unable to speak in Swedish.

I think you've made your point quite clear about not wanting immigrants, unfortunately you've been quite modest about your real opinions, but that is likely because you're unwilling to fully be honest about the realities you perceive in mind. I haven't scoured through your posts, or username, so I don't really know where in the EU you're from. Nor do I really care. You're just another person to shoot around with and because its late and a weekend, i’m more than happy to oblige. My guess is, that if you moved to Sweden, you'd have the same issues of learning a new language. You certainly wouldn't find work immediately, as well as be able to speak it perfectly either. Would you be able to move to another country, travel around europe and learn for several years? I have and its been pretty fulfilling and recharging. That doesn't mean it'll last forever though.

As for me being the problem. Just because I am an immigrant does not make a problem. I am a law abiding citizen, I am felony free in America, and will remain to be so here in Sweden and the EU. I respect authority and instruction. I’ve looked up the laws, constitution and I now understand all the typical standard driving rules, which you so graciously have had your whole life to learn. I've been here a short time, but all those hard earned dollars from America have gone to this country and will continue to go to this country. In several years i'll have completed a masters degree and will continue to network within the country and work within it for likely the rest of my life. I'd say that is giving back as well, not leeching. Also, since you want to analyze the arguments of immigrants and their political stances, you couldn't be more than wrong. Many expatriates from western countries (including the many from America) here in Sweden share many of the same opinions about not mooching, leaching or draining society and not giving back. Guess why? Because we come from western, democratic, capitalistic societies. Let me guess, you'll probably wonder how it is I gathered that information? Facebook groups for expatriates, expatriate meetings and parties, etc. It's great sometimes to be able to freely express these types of opinions, even when not hidden by the guise that is a screen name on reddit.

Also, I think it's laughable that you think immigrants even have the ability to vote for parties that allow them in. Especially asylum seekers in Sweden. I don't have the right to vote here, nor would an asylum seeker, so please tell me how it is you expect me to be able to vote for a certain party?

You may think you have the right, but what are you? Just another person lucky enough to have been born here. That is it, if you consider it lucky. Had you been born elsewhere you would likely love to garner assistance from someone else, I imagine. Or are you really too proud to think you wouldn’t like a helping hand from time to time, or that you’ve never received one in the past? To me, its just another place to learn from and live, but ultimately you're no better or lesser than any other human being on this planet. I have just as much right to come here and live here, especially since i've done it by financially backing myself and going through all the legal channels to have done it. You may take it for granted that all immigrants here are moochers, or leechers, but its far from the realities or difficulties of what is required to move and live in a new place. It's not like they hand out books when you enter the country on all the red tape, loops and journeys you must take to do anything from the simplest of opening a bank account, to acquiring a driver's license and finding work. Its up to one to discover that and figure it out, and I personally am more than happy to do that, since I CHOSE to come here.

As for the argument of Native americans and Mexicans, you still couldn't be so far from understanding. Native americans and Mexicans got pushed out of their own lands guess it...europeans. The debate isn't that entirely different in the US today from immigration into the US and immigration into Europe. The subject of immigration is still at hand, despite who originally was from there or not. Have you yourself lived in Europe for thousands of years? Perhaps your ancestors did, but there is no real link between them and you besides genes, which really entitle you to nothing. Just because your neighbors father owns a household worth a million dollars, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to it, since you’re both from the same country, or possibly even family.

I hate to break it to ya, but large scale repatriations will never happen. So your fears of immigrants not assimilating will slowly be unraveled as they do assimilate. Most immigrants are willing to do the jobs that educated citizens are not given the chance. I’m not going to cover up the fact that immigrants do, do bad things, but guess what? So does europeans. Feel free to provide documentation on that and statistics and take them as infallible, without considering other reasons why they may or may not be 100% truthful. It's too bad that you are so offended by their presence that you immediately prefer them gone, but my best guess is that you enjoy a kabob, arithmetic and who knows what other kinds of information, advances and infrastructure from places around the world created by people of non-european cultures. I guess you're okay with that as long as they’re not on your land? Globalization is here to stay, despite whether you or a minority disagree with it. Get over your fears, thats all this anti-immigration is. Fear. Take some responsibility for yourself and stop blaming all the problems on immigrants.

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