EU locks out Belarus from international aviation

Yes you did. Maybe you wanted to say something else, but you didn’t.

Holy fucking shit, at least you confirmed that you're a troll.

threat of violence isn’t intrinsically bad

Ok, then no need to be outraged. Either what they did isn’t a threat, in which case it’s not a problem, or what they did is a threat, under your expanded definition, in which case it isn’t a problem.

No, that doesn't mean that violence is never a problem. Just that there are situations where it's not. Like when, for the sake of the discussion, a cop gives a lawful order. There are also situations where it's bad, like when they make some shit up, send a military plane after a civilian one and force land it.

It’s completely legitimate because it’s their airspace and if they want to order aircraft to land they have that right. Whether or not there was a bomb is unimportant- that’s something they say for the sake of presentation, and I don’t care about that.

So I guess you would be fine is state officials came to your house and kidnapped you for no reason at all? Assume they're doing legally because the parlament just passed the "it's legal to kidnap General_Queipo" law.

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