EU will speed up its spaceflight plans in response to SpaceX and China

Also China's SIMC is making moves for 7nm which is produced in SK and Taiwan.

This is 100 percent incorrect. They are only at 14nm as is and they only have started manufacuting them in Aug 2019 last year. They do not have ASML's EUV machine meaning they are not able to make 7nm or less and the machine is blocked by the Dutch government. SMIC is a foundry and is far behind TSMC and Samsung in terms of skill.

They went to the far side of the Moon just last year.

A relatively meaningless venture as the US could easily do it but chooses not to. They wont have enough money anymore since they have pledged 1.4T USD for technology self sufficiency.

If your benchmark is telecommunications then China is ahead

No they are not. They rely on Taiwan to make their semiconductor chips for their base stations. Now the US regulations on chip making gear basically has shunned them from and Huawei cannot survive without US chipmaking gear. Therefore this premise is wrong.

Also Europe doesn't have any 10nm foundries AFAIK.

Europe has ASML which makes lithographic equipment. Also Europe has NXP which is a global leader in cell base stations.

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