EU4 - Development Diary - 31st of March 2017 (Big Bonus One!)

A new button has been added to the economy tab allowing a nation to declare Bankruptcy if it has any loans. As such, the effects of bankruptcy have been rebalanced to be shorter and less of a kiss of death, but a viable alternative to crushing loan repayments.

Bankruptcy now adds devastation to provinces, and clears recent uprising flag.

Bankruptcies now have less impact on morale, unrest and autonomy, and only last 5 years.

Going bankrupt now destroys all buildings built in the last 5 years to prevent building up your economy with borrowed money and intentionally going bankrupt.

Cavalry Ratio The amount of cavalry you can have, relative to your infantry is no longer tied to the old inflexible tech groups, but is instead a base of 50% influenced by the following:
* Steppe Horde government now have +25% Cavalry Ratio.
* Winged Hussars Idea gives +10% Cavalry Ratio now.
* Happy Cossacks Estates give +10% Cavalry Ratio now.
* Sunni Religion lost tolerance own, but gained +10% Cavalry Ratio.
* Tengri lost 2 unrest, but gained +25% Cavalry Ratio.

Unconditional Surrender
Various changes have been made to stop unconditionally surrendering nations from being at the mercy of their enemies forcing them to break apart from economical and revolting damage:

Upon unconditionally surrendering, autonomy, War Exhaustion and Institution Spread act like being at peace

Devastation will slowly decline after unconditionally surrendering

Owned provinces will have 0 Unrest after Unconditionally surrendering

Nations that has unconditionally surrendered can not take loans, nor go below 0 in treasury, and will automatically dismiss all advisors each month.

Exploit Fixes
Rebel occupation gives the same modifier as regular occupation

A country is considered to be “in debt” for purposes of not being able to send gifts etc if it has more than 2 years of income to prevent “banking” money elsewhere.

Nations in debt and running a deficit can no longer buy ships, stopping an infinite money exploit.

Calculations for “in debt” are immediate, rather than judging the previous month’s finances, which lead to plenty of exploits.

Spices’ trade good bonus has changed from the widely adored Hostile Core Creation Cost to a reduction in devastation.

Wool’s trade good bonus is now +10% Local Movement Speed, because you cannot build a boat in Zürich.

Deus Vult is now the final idea in Religious Ideas, to make the Idea set less immediately amazing.

Sharing maps can now be done while at war, because inaccessible allied land in a crucial moment is silly.

Tengri now have 20% cheaper regiments, up from 10% cheaper regiments.


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