[Eurogamer] The cult of Hideo Kojima

I got your point there and i have to say i agreed to all specially and as a Tarantino fan i like his films due to his style all over his films and you know you are watching a Tarantino film same way i love kojima games and how they keep his style, when people say they don't like his writing i feel like they haven't played any mgs games cause i definitly love the dialogues and his gaming design decisions, i'm not a professional film critic or a videogame critic but i'm a VFX artist and i clearly see a lot of style in his games from the the art direction to the script.

It's funny after a finished Death stranding y started Jedi Fallen Order and i immediatly noticed a lack of polished and style, it just felt like any other game and not unique.

Death Stranding was by no means my favorite game of the year mostly because of the combat but the core gameplay, the deliveries and all the connections stuff, the graphics and cinematography was so new to me i ended up loving it.

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