Europe has suffered nearly 30k more Excess Deaths in 2022 than it did in 2020 at the height of the Pandemic because so many Children are dying

Looking at the graph, it looks like the excess deaths was already way higher in 2020 when covid came out (but it came out in March 2020) so there was 3 months less to go on. I wonder if these excess deaths are just due to sheer number of exposures to spike protein. Many people have 3-4 vaccines plus caught covid 2-3 times already. Each time the body sees the spike it causes a lot of damage. Seems like the excess death is not 100% caused by vaccines, but a combination of vaccine and covid due to too many exposures to spike. Anyone agree or disagree? Maybe China has the right idea to just keep quarantining cuz that’s the only thing that would really prevent the excess deaths.

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