Europe will not give in to U.S. threats on trade: Germany

Nothing stops Europe making what it needs if it won't get it from USA.

Europe can't make CPUs or GPUs. Do you understand this? You don't seem to understand this. America also makes cutting edge military tech that cost Trillions in R&D over nearly a century. Europe cannot make miilitary instruments as advanced as the USA. You don't seem to understand this.

In DECADES(or generations), Europe, if they spend trillions of dollars, COULD match the USA's ability to make weapons, and ability to make CPU's/GPU's. But that's a long way off.

On the other hand, try to name ONE THING the USA needs from Europe? One thing the USA can't make on their own? Nothing

Europe has built the LHC and the ITER project, two of the most complex machines humans have ever made, pretty sure they can make computer parts if they have absolutely had to.

Do you realize that nearly 100% of the high level chip tech came from intel/amd? The only way Europe could manufacture their own CPUs/GPUs, is if they created a new archetecture. Windows, Linux, Mac all use x86. Nearly all "normal" computer things in the world are x86. The only way Europe could make CPUs, or GPUs that work with the rest of the world, is if they bought Intel/Amd, or Intel/AMD, and all the x86 corps. gave Europe a liscence(which they wouldn't do, because as I said, one of the USA's main power over Europe is that they CANNOT make their own Computers).

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