EUW/EUNE/RU Clash Test LFG Megathread


If you're looking for a team that seeks victory in upcoming clash, I'm here for you!

For now my team consists of me as a mid laner with rank hovering around plat 4-2 (I've been trying out every lane in the game while playing every better champion for respective lane to maximize my knowledge) and a plat 1 ADC Main that can play a very good adcs in current meta like Xayah, Jinx, Kaisa or Jhin.

I myself can draft pretty well as I did in previous clash because of me consistently following the meta and watching most of the games from leagues like LCK/EU/LPL.

Looking for players that are mostly focusing on getting their victory while having fun out of coordinated and well organised team play. Rank isn't the most important thing to me but I would say everyone from plat 4 to diamond is welcome. (if you're gold 1/2 send me your in PM so I can verify some basic things from it and you'll for sure have chance to get on).

We will be speaking in English on my discord server.



PLAT IV - DIA (can be a little lower than that)

TOP, JUNGLE, SUPPORT (I am already talking to a few people that are mostly p1-dia so don't miss your chance!)

cooperated type of play (decisions are made by all teammates - no standalone, good knowledge of macro, basic English skills for communication, no OTPs (I would rather want a wider champ pool than just 1-2 champs)

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