Evaporating ethanol

Ethyl alcohol is ethanol. It’s the same alcohol in drinking spirits. The problem is that you are using anhydrous ethyl alcohol. Technically, anhydrous ethyl alcohol just means it has no water in it, which isn’t really the issue. It’s just that “anhydrous” is usually only used on non-food grade ethanol.

The impurity’s in the alcohol are probably causing the headaches, not the ethanol itself. Grain alcohol used for drinking is the same alcohol, but it is mixed with water (making it hydrous) and “pure” enough for human consumption.

Also, I remember reading that impurity’s are often added to ethanol products labeled as anhydrous to discourage people from drinking the product. But don’t quote me on that. 200 proof is some strong shit, and can lead to alcohol poisoning very easily due to its potency.

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