Even ***holes can be heroes.

And your argument is that a person’s body can be defiled by the state.

I see no difference. Equally children, dead bodies, and the homeless have absolutely zero impact on my life. Whatsoever. None. In fact I pay taxes for children. So they’re actually having a fiscally negative impact.

If we’re just going to defile bodies, why not make some? It’s all meat when the deed is done, no?

Here’s the fun fact and why I’m going to win this argument: in America this will never pass. No one will be forced to opt out. It will always be opt in, because that’s how freedom works. Fascism is what you’re arguing for and if you are American, pack your shit and get the fuck out of this country. Russia or North Korea are the places for you.

Regardless of the downvotes I’ve won. And no attempts will ever succeed, because fascists get shot in America. As they deserve to be. No that’s not a threat to you.

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