Even IF MJ did molest those kids

Well, we don't know - nobody knows - how long these crimes were taking place but it was far longer than the final years. Still, I don't advocate throwing his music away - that would never be my argument. You wouldn't throw away Starry Night because Van Gogh was nuts.

His talent was very real.

My point is that Jackson was not the sum of his talent alone, he was also a man. He was not a good man. He should not be celebrated or revered or, in some cases, worshiped as though he were a good man. While true that he did do some good things, the thrust of his life comes down to the fact that he hurt a lot of people - destroyed a lot of childhoods while yearning for his own. He was a manipulator, cold and calculated, all under the guise of being "child-like". That was his "game".

Play his music, that's fine. Just be real about who he was.

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