Even though I'm on the cusp of homelessness during a nationwide pandemic, the arts continue to be a source of positivity

I don't think I'm owned anything, I never said that. Also, I'm acutely aware of the difficulties in making a decent living as an artist. I respectfully disagree about the "excuses" since the only reason I'm not doing home renovation right now is because of health issues but I will agree with you on my misplaced drive. I could have had a better work life balance instead of going all-out on artistic pursuits, but at that time I really needed a break from home renovation.

The "12 hours a day" was for 3 years. Since then, I've reduced that amount significantly in the last 8 months but I can see from reading my post I didn't make that clear at all.

Thanks for bringing to my attention freelance editing and proof-reading, this wasn't on my radar. In the interim I'll be doing security work since I'm already licensed (I'll also be doing the Cansell certification next week) so from there I'll plan things out. What type of art do you make?

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