Evening random discussion - May 17, 2022

#skl i feel bad kasi nung bata pa ako right until high school (according to me bros and sissies) fluent ako in hiligaynon, maranao and maguindanaon, heck in my cringe teen phase nagco compose pa daw ako ng poetry gamit yun... tapos ngayon nag-struggle na ako. i mostly speak in english kasi nag-struggle pa din ako sa tagalog. also talking some more with my relatives made me realize im losing my grasp on waray and kapampangan

tapos din.. i cant remember most of... basically anything really kung lampas na yun isang taon. and i struggle remembering faces and/or names..

usually i just chalk it up to childhood amnesia coz.. c'mon man everyone goes through that right? pero ngayon im having second thoughts

just more reasons not to attend annual clan gatherings i suppose.. tho i'd sorely miss the comedic ways my titos and titas would subtlely set me up with random peeps they invited specifically to introduce to me.. minsan nga yung nire reto nila saken galing lang din sa angkan namen eh [tho those are mostly cousins twice or thrice removed]

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