Event markings on a single hand, 24 hour 'slow' clock

i'll run through the tabs


Min: 0


level: (df(S, ci(end, e0))-df(S, ci(start, e0))) / (24*60*60)*360

subtracts start of next event from the end time of next event, divides by total seconds in day and multiplies by 360

Mode: Flat progress

Sections: 96

Rotation: Manual

Offset: 15*df(H, ci(start, e0)) + (df(m, ci(start, e0))/60*15) + 180

For some reason adding ci(start, eo, a0d) to these would change the number they were outputting and make the bar display the event duration incorrectly. So I added an if formula for color to only display today's events.


Mode: Flat

FgColor: if(df(D)=df("D", ci(start, e0)), "#FFBE0000", "#00000000")

IF day number is equal to day number of next event, Red, ELSE Transparent

BgColor: #00000000

Filter: Normal

That's everything i've used, it's working smoothly for me now. I don't have multiple rows, i just have the next events progress mode set to "split progress" to distinguish it from the current event. I can upload the komponent if you're interested, and thanks so much again for your help!

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