Event Megathread JP First Half December 2017

i haven't posted here in nearly a year (not for any particular reason, i just sank back into lurking) but tonight distress brings me back to this comment box. i have to share my woes in the most overdramatic fashion. this will require some backstory.

i played to two copies of eli (and T3ed) in the 見つめあうふたり umieli token, for which silent tonight was the event song. i really liked silent tonight before it was added to SIF, so i was happy to play it at first. it got boring after a while, but it was a low pressure event, so no big deal. i then T2ed score match round 32 nozonico, which included silent tonight in its song pool. i was pretty over it at that point especially because i got it so often, but i know they like to include freshly debuted songs in new events, so i played through my boredom. i then T1ed challenge festival round 11 nicoumi, which not only included silent tonight as a round 1 song, but specifically threatened me with it to the point that it took me four days to even find out what the other pure songs in round 1 were because i only got that one. i got it more often than any other song in round 1. it tortured me. less than halfway through tiering i was already at my breaking point with it. close friends in my GC who were also playing were treated to me keeping a running count of round 1 silent tonight. me being plagued by that specific song became such a known fact and running gag during nicoumi that when i decided to T1 this event -- after swearing that nicoumi would be my last T1 and promptly breaking that promise because nicoeli are my best girls and it's christmas -- my friends joked "well, at least silent tonight isn't in this song list".

you all know where this is going, i'm sure. i should've suspected. i should've known. but i didn't. so imagine my suffering when i opened up the event after the switch, going in blind, eager to wade into the second half of the song pool, only to get silent tonight as my very first song. my face fell. my heart sank. i fell to my knees. i pleaded "why, klab?" but there was no answer. i've played quite a bit more at this point and silent tonight has plagued me at least every third match. there's nothing i can do but let RNG decide my fate, and it has decided that no matter what, if i tier, it's going to be silent tonight. i've given up. this song has finally ruined me. it has won.

anyway, don't let this comment fool you; i'm having a lot of fun with this event and it's been a blast to T1 so far! i just don't ever want to see this song again a day in my life after this is over. thank you for letting me vent in the form of a dramatic reading. if you're in the same place, my heart goes out to you. ♡ good luck playing and tiering, everyone!

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