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[meta]Lady Allyrion, Please know that I write this letter to you in confidence. I would like to be transparent with you as I have not been with the Dornish nobles in recent months, for you could hold a major role in my coming plans. I would have you know- my summons to all nobles to Sunspear has been terribly misunderstood. All have perceived me to be declaring myself their ruler, taking the opportune moment following the death of Lady Alysanne. However, quite honestly, the opposite is true. I wanted to ensure that Lady Alysanne's vengeance was swift, calculated, unified, and successful, and I thought we needed to band together as leaders in order to achieve that. I thought my taking initiative in the matter was the most prudent thing to do, and what Lady Alysanne would have wanted. However, my call was answered with nothing but mistrust, and my clarifications were answered with nothing. In fact, western Dornish lords have taken steps in Lady Alysanne's revenge while entirely excluding me, a member of their council with just as hot of a vengeance for our loss. The Lords Blackmont, Yronwood....they follow actions of the new Lady Dayne like sheep. There is no true unity in Dorne-- she is their leader, and they are her vassals. Since the rule of Sunspear was given to me, I have made it my mission to unify Dorne and make us single-minded in our actions. Amidst the chaos in the realm, I thought this was paramount to the well-being of our homeland. I thought authority would be the best way to do that, but the nobles defied me under Lady Alysanne Dayne. So, I decided to meet them as equals, arranging to marry Lady Dayne and planning to create a new democratic council to govern Dorne. I thought the marriage was the perfect catalyst to bring unity to our homeland. We even planned to build a huge, centralized city at the heart of the land. But now, Lady Alysanne is dead, murdered unjustly by Targaryen dregs for refusing to make common cause with them. Ashara is no Alysanne. She is 16 years old and shares her mother's wit, but not her common sense or reservations against violence. The western lords of Dorne have sheepishly followed the intentions of Lady Ashara since, assuming she will lead them as her mother did, while leaving me out of their plans for Alysanne's vengeance. The Council of the Rhoynar is a sham; Lady Dayne calls the shots, and her Lords follow suit. It is not democratic, and I do not call it unity. The political situation following Alysanne's death has made it clear to me: the region known as Dorne cannot unify. There are the eastern houses, and the western houses; they are too geographically divided and, currently, politically maligned to function as a single country. Which is why I decide to reveal to you my proposition: I wish to create my own form of unity. I WILL have a kingdom where there is peace, and all nobles respect each other's opinion, boundaries, and position, and can have an equal voice in the governance of their realm. The lords of the Salt Shore, the Tor, and Ghost Hill have all agreed to join me, and the Lady of Vaith agrees with my logic, although she has her reservations regarding war. We will secede from the country known as Dorne, and all lands east of the tip of the Greenblood will reform as the Kingdom of Etruria, with me as its Prince in Sunspear. I guarantee you, under my authority you will have respect, protection, and your own true authority, and your lands will find peace and prosperity. I assure you, all lords and ladies will have as strong a voice as I in the making and governance of this new kingdom. Without your help, I am not sure I will be able to successfully establish this Kingdom of Etruria. If you do not join me, it will begin as a realm divided with the Dorne-loyal Godsgrace at its center. However, I wanted to earn your loyalty to the plan beforehand, as your support would greatly help me in showing the world that my plan is a good one and in the best interest of the peoples of this land. Please know: I do not put forth such machinations in the interest of furthering my own power or that of House Nymeros. I wish to see all of Westeros together living as peaceful and prosperous of a life as possible, and I believe that currently my greatest duty in achieving is to establish this united eastern kingdom in Dorne. I do not intend to treat with the western lords. They have shown me they do not value Dorne's unity through my exclusion from various plots of theirs, and convinced me that it is best for the east of Dorne to be independent. I also do not intend for a drop of blood to be shed following my declaration. Lady Vaith has indicated her fear that this plan will bring great military conflict to the land. However, most of the eastern lords have declared their loyalty to my plan, and no others in Westeros have the right to deny us our sovereignty. They will not draw swords on us, for although Lords such as Hightower and Bacchus are friends of the Daynes, they are no enemies of mine. There is a respect between myself and these men, and diplomacy between our cities. They will honor our desire for independence. If it comes to it, I have no doubt that no lords would fight against our goals of independence. The final point I would like to address with you is one of marriage. It is well known that you are a widow but still young and fertile. It is no secret that I require a match for myself, and sooner rather than later. If I am to declare our independence, I will need a strong matriarch by my side to help ensure the just governance of the realm. If you were to agree to stand by me, Lady Allyrion, I would be glad to take you as my wife and Princess of the Kingdom of Etruria. Your house is ancient and noble, and I would be honored to have our lines join as one to create the inaugural dynasty of a new, just southern kingdom where all lords and ladies TRULY have a say in the governance of the realm. Consider my words carefully. Whether you would like to be a part of the Kingdom of Etruria or not, I will soon be declaring independence from Dorne. I await your reply, and hope the best for your house. Prince Hieronymous I Nymeros of Sunspear

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