Have you ever been falsely accused of racism? What happened?

I was at a major sporting event with my gf. Just watching the game having a good time. We had been chatting a little bit with the people around us including an African American woman sitting in front of us. She leaves and suddenly 2 cops come up to us and say she said we called her the n word.

We were shocked - shocked at the accusation because it's not a word either of us ever use, and shocked that this kind of terrible situation would come up out of nowhere while we were having fun in a seemingly safe place. Obviously it's not illegal but the cops said the use of the word was a concern. How do you defend something like that? Say something dumb like "Some of my good friends are black?" We ended up leaving the game out of embarrassment.

It didn't make me angry though - gave me a taste of what people of other races maybe go through when falsely accused.

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