Ever been so high you don't even feel like you're moving?

Let me just clear this up instead of all those misinformed cretins trying to make us sound like idiots.

Technically, other planets are flat... because they're just projections! In reality it's just an optical illusion that projects the images of the planets on specific parts of the sky dome. TPTB run a gigantic celestial projector that is powerful enough to project these celestial objects that are only visible through a telescope. Only the Sun and Moon are truly up there, and they are truly spherical. That is why the dastardly lies are so damn convincing. If the sun and moon is spherical, why isn't the Earth? We still don't have all the facts, but we can see through their lies.

We can tell from the Bible that those planets used to exist, but Man strayed from God's path and he punished us by taking the planets away from us, but TPTB want to hide that so that Man does not rebel from their power hierarchy and go back to the Chosen way of the Monarchy. If we resurrected the old lineage's and kneeled to a King and stopped our horrendous and barbaric ways of wearing clothing of mixed fibers, we believe God may forgive us and give us back the Planets and speak to us once more.

See, not so crazy right? They just want you to think we're insane and stupid so that you don't see the light, but really once it's all laid out in front of you it's obvious who's right.

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