Do you ever feel the need to expose yourself as you truly are?

Exposing yourself imo is incredibly stupid and it's a lose-lose situation, people won't acknowledge for what it is, they won't acknowledge the weight of it, they will simply not understand and many of them will think differently of you.

You could utilize this mechanism to effect a selection in social reality. This snags the open-minded (upside) and the idolizing wankers (downside). Oh shit. Here we are. In actual reality the latter are fairly easy to spot IMO. What remains is pretty quickly just solid open-minded people. It takes a toll on a person to communicate with a sociopath. It's a learned ability. If they're not one already then they're liable to think differently of you, just as you said. Ultimately the quasi-existent nature of mutually-recognized-reality is pretty loaded with fuckery already. All it takes is an implication so and everything collapses. Sociopathy, just as a concept, disrupts the surface tension of social reality. We can't talk about it as a mere consequence of priming. :/

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