Ever feel that your commander is getting boring? I think I want to take my token deck to another level.

I'm a big fan of tearing apart decks I have and rebuilding them from scratch. It's fun and liberating which let's me come up with new ideas and ways to play. Since you like what you have though I see no reason to stop; I'm not sure if you are winning consistently or not, but if you are just tone down the power level a bit to make your group happier.

Slightly related to this, I found the best way to make EDH fun is to play something you like that accommodates the meta you are in. My playgroup for example is sick and tired of long turns, the resentment was building to a point where turns were going even longer than they otherwise would because of bullying. So a few of us, me in particular, tore apart our decks and built entirely new ones from scratch. Everyone is much happier now, and even though I had to swap my deck out I'm happier too because now everyone is enjoying themselves.

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