Have you ever forgotten what your name was?

Yes, in my younger years I took a xanax(dissolved in soda) and then ate about 4gs of some shrooms.

I ended up falling asleep before the tripping occured..

Then I wake up suddenly tripping BALLS (probably after 2 hrs of sleep), a nature show was showing gorgeous scenes on my TV. (First days of netflix/my first flat screen 1080p)

I could not comprehend who, or what I was in the slightest. Eventually I remembered how a clock worked and then proceeded to piece my existence together bit by bit. It was a very surreal experience. I felt like a helpless newborn who could fully formulate thoughts , but I could not gain a foothold on who I actually was, or how I came to be. From the void of sleep, to a completely conscious state of unknown.

Absolutely terrifying ~10 min, Curious at the complexity of nature documentary ~30min Who am I? What am I, where did I come from? ~1hr After that I pieced enough together to understand that I was ok, just a teenager with access to good drugs. And to know enough to stfu cause my parents were asleep upstairs.

Easily #2 in my Top 3 craziest psychedelic experiences

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