Have you ever got scammed? What happened?

I got scammed for prom. My prom dress cost $1000 I saw this designer from New York called “Oliver Zavi” and he had what I thought were some pretty dresses on Instagram with clients anyways he charged a lot for his dresses and I guessed mine must have been the lowest price and so he put minimal effort to my dress. I made an appointment 3 months prior to prom with what I wanted and one month before prom I went to see my dress. He had a client before and after they left I waited an hour. When I got in I could tell he literally used that hour to make my dress right then and there. The train of the dress was all jagged from him cutting it with scissors and it was just a nightmare. He would not give me my money back and said he would see me in court because he gave me a “finished product “. Needless to say this guy is not a good designer at all he puts some effort in other people’s dresses posts it on Instagram and will bullshit everyone else’s dress. So ladies as much as you want a custom dress please either just buy it from the store or have someone you really trust make it. My prom was also ruined because of this prick.

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