Have you ever had to Code Switch among... ya own people? Whew.

White guy chiming in. My best friend growing up was a black kid and I feel like he would really relate to this and I saw it first hand. He was never really into rap music, liked metal and rock, and was really into anime and nerd culture. He and his older brother knew more about Star Wars than anyone I knew at the time and all sorts of other interesting subjects like Greek mythology to name one. Anyways when we were in grade school together it wasn’t much of a problem for him because he was one of the only black kids in the school and was also one of the most popular kids, guy was funny as fuck, but when we got to high school things changed. He kind of got picked on by the other black students for not being into the same stuff they were into, didn’t play sports either, and most of his friends were from our elementary school so therefore not black, and I knew he struggled with this. Maybe not outwardly but I could tell it wasn’t easy being a nerdy black kid in the late 90s/early 00s.

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