Have you ever had a fellow soldier fall victim to paternity fraud?

I knew a dude who married a convicted felon (drug dealer). One day he finds drugs in his house and gets into a verbal altercation with his wife. She then allegedly hits him and busts his lip. He then calls the police and when they arrive shes all in tears saying how he was the one hitting her. No physical signs of abuse on her, but my boy here has scratches and the busted lip. Police then decide to arrest him and he spends the weekend in a holding cell. He gets some domestic violence charge.

While hes fighting that legal battle, the courts decide that the father who is being charged of domestic violence isn't a fit parent and neither is the convicted felon mom, so the child goes into the foster care system until the case is resolved. Normally a next of kin would step up and take the kid, but that didn't happen either.

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