have you ever hooked up with someone from reddit irl?

Yep, 4 times now.

One, was someone from a sub for a local sex club. They mentioned they were going to be there, and I went to meet them.


Another, was someone that was interested in doing something public. I met her and her husband in a parking lot. Watched her blow him, then she blew me. After that, we arranged a meeting in a hotel for a bit more fun.


3rd, one of my favorites, was a young girl into older guys. I dm'd her about an unrelated post she made, and we chatted. Turns out I was twice her age, and checked all the boxes of what she was looking for, so, I drove an hour out of my way to meet up.


Another one a bit more recently. A bit more spur-of-the-moment. She wanted guys to blow, and I wanted to be blown. I edged for about an hour, then met up at a park, and recorded me giving her a facial.

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