You ever just give up on life?

That's rad, I love boa constrictors and always wanted some but I know it's a good amount of work to keep them. I figure I should just focus on myself right now anyway.

I tracked everything for a week or so religiously at one time. It did help a lot for that baseline as you say. I'm pretty aware of general calories of food items or checking that this meal was 1600 cals, etc. and keeping a running tally in my head. I tend to average up to be safe. And I generally already stay away from soda and sugary drinks which is why I haven't exploded in weight too much. Mostly maintained. I just gotta stop being lazy I guess.

I appreciate the encouragement and help man. At one time I was training with a body builder (as a personal trainer) and that's when I was doing my best and seeing noob gains. But that was expensive. And right now I have kind of a decent home gym in the garage, pull up bar, muy thai bag, bench press, resistance bands, some dumbells and kettle bells. But I don't do shit with them. I also screwed up my trap muscle about a year ago but that's another long story. Anyway thanks for listening.

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