Have you ever met someone so amazing that all you can ever think about is "it's gonna hurt real bad when I lose you"?

I met this girl at a house party over the halloween weekend and immediately became very interested in her. Her and I kicked all night and I even partied with her again the next night. A couple days later I took her out to the movies and somehow ended up at her apartment. She cooked me dinner and we stayed up until 5 in the morning just talking and enjoying each other’s company. We passed out on the couch and she invited me to spend the night and sleep with her. We woke up around 8 because I had to head to work, so she made me breakfast and went on my way.

After that weekend I was HOOKED on this girl and couldn’t believe I came across someone who made me feel something so quick. The last relationship I had was 3 years prior and I’ve been single ever since because it’s hard for me to invest into romantic relationships. With this girl, I was already head-over-heels and have never felt this strongly for someone so quickly. For the next month we saw each other almost every day, went on dates, spent lots night together, and just enjoyed each other. I thought everything was going amazing, but something in me felt like that it wasn’t going to last forever.

She ended up ghosting me for a week. Her not talking to me actually destroyed me for a bit, because I felt like I lost someone I loved. I eventually told her that I felt like I deserved an explanation and she gave me one. Turns out I wasn’t good enough for her.

1.5 months later and I’m still hurting over a girl I only spent less than 30 days with.

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