Ever met someone that you just vibed so well with?

Four years ago, on my first trip ever, I met someone. He was from my country, but almost 2000 miles away from my town. I had a boyfriend back home, so nothing happened between us. But we hit it off. We got along so well, and we were so attracted to each other. We were only in the same place for two weeks. After he left, we kept in contact sporadically, a text here and there, a phone call once in a blue moon. He liked to propose to me over the phone, just for fun, tell me all about the future he had planned for us. But life went on and we fell out of touch.

On that same trip, in the same place, I met my best friend. She and I worked together for two months, then she went back to her country and I went back to mine. We've stayed in touch all these years. We talk at least every week, sometimes every day, but we haven't seen each other in person since. Until now. In two months, she's flying across the world to join me on a road trip in my country.

The man I met lives right along our route. We're going to visit him.

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