Have you ever realized that you'd revealed too much about yourself to someone? What happened?

So I had been dating a guy for a couple months. I was head over heels for him, extremely happy in our relationship, and as far as I knew, so was he. We were both seventeen at the time, and did as horny teenagers do (i.e., making out in the back of his car, sneaking home when parents were out, etc.). After we did the do for the first time and were cuddling in his bed, I told him about the sexual manipulation someone had put me through. The air in the room got very cold as he froze, then rolled over and began to put his clothes on. I asked what was wrong. He wouldn't answer. Confused and hurt, I started to put my clothes back on too.

"I'm gonna go ahead and get you home," he said, and the chill in his voice was palpable.

The ride home was the most silent we'd ever been with each other. Every time I would ask him what was wrong, he would either ignore me or snap back some variation of "I don't know" or "just shut up". It was a side of him I'd never seen before. I was scared that I'd lost my affectionate, loving boyfriend not even an hour after going all the way with him.

The next day, during class (we went to different schools), I text him and ask for an explanation of his reaction and his radio silence. He responds by telling me (and I'm paraphrasing a couple hours of angry texts here) that he didn't date me because he liked me, it was because he was lonely and wanted someone to fuck. That I was stupid to trust him and should have known he didn't want anything serious, despite the fact that he told me he loved me first and talked about us going to college together. That he never wanted this, but he felt bad for me so he kept going.

So. That sucked.

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