Have you ever seen a game so bad, it can only be found at a Rite Aid store?

Capcom stopped giving a fuck? What about the Revelations spin off series? Resident Evil 7? The remake of 2?

They've finally brought the franchise back to the roots of survival horror which left with 4 and I don't see how you can praise 5 as anything but an action third person shooter.

Also there hasn't been any reboot of the series. Resident Evil 7 is set in the same time line and the only difference it has from other titles is that it's first person. Unlike 4,5 and 6 though, it actually brought survival horror back. You don't have to kill every enemy you come across and you don't mow down through hordes of monsters by punching, kicking or performing wrestling moves so I don't see how any longtime fan of the series could hate it.

Meanwhile Resident Evil 2 remake is basically what Resident Evil 4 should have been instead of the action packed game we got. 4, while an amazing game, was when the franchise took the move from survival to action.

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