Ever since my boyfriend pointed it out last week, I can't stop thinking about the uncanniness..

Pretty much I would let Gemma know that she is a fat c*nt and, um the shoes that she gave me were not something that I would particularly buy for myself.

They were old maiden type of shoes, and she said that those shoes were meant to be worn on a beautiful woman

So if that is the case she should have put them back on the rack and she should never even purchased them because she was UNQUALIFIED to own those shoes if that's the case

and, um I think that Gemma is just a disgrac. She's a disgrace to women who are actually beautfiul and classy and, um she just doesn't have the vernacular she thinks she possesses

Somebody lied to her several times and told her that she was fly, hot and sexy and beautiful and she's nothing like that She's nothing of the sort

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