Have you ever stayed with the person who cheated on you? Was it ever the same, afterwards?

Yes, I did. We were together for 6 years. She cheated and (per our Doctor) became pregnant 2 days after the cheating event happened.

Doctor said the average time between Sex and Conception is (roughly) 2 days. Oh Great... right?!

Well we had just moved across the US together. We had nobody else. And she was preggo. I didn't know if it was mine but I figured I'd give her a second chance. (BIG FUCKING MISTAKE!!!)

She claimed a lot -- mostly they never Actually had sex. Her stories changed so often, it made us start to grow apart. We stuck together for almost another 6 years. It took me 1.5 years after the child was born to get enough courage to get a DNA test. -- Yes, the child was mine!

That fact alone is why I stayed. Eventually, our relationship seemed to be doing rather well. We had two more children together. I was again, happy to be with her -- blinded by love.

In 2012 I was in a rather bad car accident. Hardly able to walk, let alone do anything in bed, she opted to sleep with her Boss/Director for Goodwill of AZ. THEN, she opted to sleep with a guy from Goodwill's IT department.

Goodwill senior management saw what was happening with their Director, warned him to stop, but he didnt. Nothing ever happened to him.

On XMass day, 2012, I caught her texting these two asshoes for sex. I kicked her out and divorced her. Within two weeks of being kicked out she bounced from friends house to friends house, before moving in with the IT asshat, David. Thankfully he wised up and kicked her out too. Since then, she has abandoned the 3 young girls, going months (at times) without calling or seeing them.

When she lived in AZ, she would see them (maybe) 8 hrs in a week. Usually she made excuses and didn't do anything. It was normal for her to blow off the kids for Parties, (31 yr old trying to be a 20 yr old -- how sad!?).

3 months ago she moved back to CT. Goodwill fired her ass and broke with no BF to take her in, she had nowhere to go.

Kids still miss her. I'm mixed. Who she was is not who she is. I can't stand what she has put these kids through, and for that alone, I'm glad she left this area.

Lesson Learned. Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater.

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