Have you ever thought about using drugs to deal with your problems?

I smoked weed every day for almost a decade. I drank every day or approx for quite a few years. Did shrooms a few times, 2ce. Other drugs. The years of marijuana use and the adderall and my preexisting susceptibility to mental illness having giving me minor psychosis that I live with. It's not anything that crazy. It's rather any stimuli I will assign signficiance to and will trigger a emotional response. I worry how many of these micro anger episodes affect my health but I don't really outwardly show it. It's just more looking at everything existentially. I don't particularly care for it, but it certainly makes my life without socialising more interesting. I think it's the result of not being especially intelligent and not having anything else to occupy my mind, though there are certainly intelligent people who believe in synchronicity.

I wouldn't do these drugs if you are unhappy and want a change. They are far more enjoyable if you have a stable life with friends as is. The trips last a long time and when they are bad it's not fun.

Just my personal experience.

I don't think I can really smoke weed anymore TBH, not unless I find some happiness first to mitigate my mental illness more.

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