Have you ever witnessed a girl's interest disintegrate into thin air because of something you said or did?

If I may give my personal insight to Tuosma's situation in regards to your comment, I'd like to address the possibility that it wasn't the showing of weakness that turned off the ladies but instead his displaying a lack of control. I'm a compassionate human being (some have said too much so at times) and I can't seem to help empathizing with those who are hurting or troubled. Seeing either man or woman cry/weep, have anxiety, get angered, etc have never been a turn off (nor turn on) for me. Seeing someone in a public setting not being able to hold themselves together without excusing themselves (major tragedies excluded) can however be seen as immature, self absorbed, and unstable, which are turnoffs for nearly everyone.

When you're an adult, you don't stop struggling or feeling emotions but you're expected to develop the ability to control your emotions and to comprehend the burden that's placed on those who bare witness to them. Some people are willing to accept that burden, though usually they're the ones closest to you and ideally the agreement is mutual. To expect just anyone to deal with your emotions is at best unrealistic and quite possibly selfish (even if not intended), as everyone has their own issues, along with whomever else's they may have already accepted into their world (family, friends, co-workers, etc..).

By no means am I saying that OP was wrong for feeling the way he did nor should he have any shame in having such a reaction. I'm no stranger to deep loss or the residing effects it can have on oneself. I also still get the occasional panic attack, although much less now than I used to and I know without a doubt that they're no joke. I'm only hoping to help by suggesting that had he excused himself and gotten through his troubles privately, he very likely would not have lost his fuckability, at least not to most girls. Depending on the crowd, it may have even scored him some extra points.

It's not really about weakness because we're all weak sometimes. Regardless of experience, most people have the common sense to be aware of the grief in death. It's about maturity. And being that OP implies these girls are near school aged - college or younger- I can say with absolute certainty that maturity is something they're looking for in a mate. I'm sure there are some women out there who truly do feel that men shouldn't cry and are turned off when they do, but those women are misinformed hypocrites and not worth the nookie.

*Also OP, I'm so sorry about your loss. I want to be clear that I'm not saying YOU'RE selfish, immature, or unstable. My intention was to suggest how else your situation might've been interpreted, as differing from kindlebluemoon's interpretation. I hope you're doing alright and I sincerely apologize if I've said anything upsetting to you.

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