Have you ever woke up in the middle of a dream and the dream was so interresting that you wanted to to back to sleep to see the end of it? If so, what was the dream?

Literally last night.

I was on a star ship that was looking for a new planet to settle on (don't know why). We were orbiting an uninhabited planet that seemed like it would suit our needs. We took a shuttle down to the planet and when we broke atmosphere noticed it was, in fact, inhabited. In fact, it looked like it was being farmed similar to on Earth.

We set down near a farm and went exploring. I had this weird ball with me that had a handle that I snuck into a bag. I don't think I was supposed to have this.

We met a family (wife, husband, and kids). When we mentioned we were travellers and didn't have a place to stay, they invited us into their home for the night.

We were in their house and it was very run-down. There was a fire pit inside (for some reason) and we all had sleeping bags and were trying to sleep. I remember there being bugs. I reached for that weird ball thing and it was actually a computer. I told it to stop the bugs and it created a field that kept all the bugs away. I think I was supposed to ask that computer more questions about where we were and why it was so much like earth, but then my alarm went off.

I snoozed for 10 minutes and continued the dream a bit, but at this point I was awake enough to direct it. So it stopped being weird and interesting and started being a generic sci-fi story.

As I typed this I realized I was most likely influenced by a really dumb episode of Doctor Who from last week. Yet somehow I was also Chris Pines during certain parts of it for some reason.

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