Have you ever wondered why Hollywood science fiction movies, subtly slip in Church scenes, burial and Christian family sentiments?

It happens a lot in Zack Snyder's Superman trilogy.

Man of Steel - Superman goes to a church and asks the father what his destiny is in the world. When he is listening the image of Jesus in the background is put in the focus. Then when he is abducted by the Kryptonians and he escapes the ship, he stretches his arms out and keeps his feet together, to make the Jesus crucification pose.

Batman v Superman - When Superman saves a drowning person, sun rays are coming from behind. After Superman dies he is given a Christian funeral alongside a military one. Not to mention Lex Luthor is an atheist in the movie who even gives 2-3 monologues on why God is evil.

Zack Snyder's Justice League - The teaser trailer has Hallelujah playing in the background, which is also played in the end of the movie. The Mother Box trailer shows all the superheroes posing like the popular Christian and Greek figures. Batman was shown as an evil, depressed person in Batman v Superman when he had no faith, but after Superman dies his faith is restored and now he's a good guy. The whole movie in itself looks like a renaissance painting brought to life.

I'm not hating on the movies, in fact Zack Snyder's Justice League is my favourite superhero movie. I'm just saying the religious people are shown as good people and the atheist people are shown as evil.

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