Every American should feel this way. Happy 4th of July!!

I'm on the left, (sorry guys), and more me it's a bit more that I question the narrative about the ideals that the USA was founded on. It's certainly no secret that many of the founding fathers held views that were not just controversial now but also in their own time, for example John Jay is one of my favorite founding fathers for his unfailing commitment to abolitionism; he and people like him had very very mixed views about Jefferson. Even in his own time Jefferson was regarded as being 'the most famous person in the world for doing something he did not do' (i.e. be a strong abolitionist). I'm happy to have been born in the USA and I'm happy that over time the country has gotten better and better for more of its inhabitants, but the prevailing idea that America is, and always has been, 'the best' can and should IMO be questioned, and yeah even on the 4th. By learning about history we can make the country better but history isn't always pretty. That said I've literally never met anyone who refuses to take part in 4th celebrations.

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