"Every battle has a losing side"

This will likely be my last photo for the day, I post the pictures when I take them while playing and I've been playing almost the whole day so I could use a break for the day. However if you're interested I have more pictures, including an alternate version of this one on my Twitter page which is where they are posted first since i upload them directly from the PS4 to Twitter, I don't want to be that person who asks for people to follow them and all that, but instead just stop by the page and see what there is and if you like what I post then feel free to follow.

A side note: Right now majority of the posts on there might not appear to be up to the same quality as the first couple of pics as they were taken months to a year ago, I just felt they were decent enough and would be nice to have a bit more on the page instead of only a few pictures

Also thank you all so much for the love on the pictures I posted today, I really have started spending a lot more time on each individual picture making sure its exactly how i want it to look which can sometimes take anywhere from 25-45 minutes each so it really is nice to see that the effort hasn't gone to waste. (I used to just say "good enough" and take the picture but not anymore lol)

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