Every character has a story. Which character that you've made is "The Most Interesting Person in the SWTOR World"? Why?

Probably my Smuggler Ronis Trent, born in 3668 BBY, the 13th son of a force sensitive cult guru somewhere in the outer rim, when Ronis was 15, a Jedi and his padawan were attracted to the cult's location and after sejourning, took a bunch of the guru's force sensitive younger kids to take back to the temple in Coruscant, wishing to seek his own fortune and escape his father's shadow, non-force sensitive but silver-tongued Ronis took advantage of their stay and seduced the padawan, who agreed to smuggle him in the ship's cargo, planning to abandon the order and runaway with him once they landed in republic space.

However those plans were shattered by the Sack of Coruscant soon after their arrival, what was supposed to be a new start became a fight for survival as Ronis found himself stranded alone in the ruined, unfamiliar planet-city, but there is opportunity in chaos, and so Ronis learned.

I'm still filling what happened during the next 10 years in my head, at some point Ronis managed to acquire a ship and leave Coruscant to start doing odd jobs around the galaxy and eventually end up on Ord Mantell, and his alignment towards the Republic is explained with his ~10 years stay on the capital and what happened to him there, I'm pretty sure he's somewhat affiliated with the Black Sun, Merchant's guild and Justicars in some ways, I imagined he made quite a reputation for himself during those years.

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