Every girl I’ve liked has told me I was creepy

Every stares. It's part of active communication. If I look at the ground while talking to you, you'll think I'm not paying any attention.

If I'm looking straight at you while you're talking, I'm listening. If the person feels they're being stared at, the problem is on them and not her. They have a self conscious problem of being in the public and simple staring trigger that? . They need to take anti anxiety medication then. They definitely don't need to be a public speaker if staring triggers them because the audience is looking straight at you. Are they staring? Yes because they're actively listening. That's normal human communication, especially in Western English speaking culture.

Staring is only inappropriate in Asian countries like Japan.

Her language? What is inappropriate language? Nothing really. There is language for this setting and that setting but simple words others consider vulgar or inappropriate is ridiculous. Again, everyone uses inappropriate language. Just others are more sensitive due to their upbringing til they see the real world.

OP needs to see better women. The ones she currently encounter are duds. She will find compatible women. If she really wants to find someone, she will but she has to learn that it takes effort and pain to find someone. Everyone is crazy. Finding the right crazy for you is a perfect couple. Trying to live by someone else standard is just gonna make you miserable and that's why divorces happen and everyone cheats. You don't tell someone how to live or act. They will cheat on you if you try to control them. That's why it's important to be yourself before long term commitment. And that's starts with being yourself during dating.

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