Has every huge streamer talked crap about this game?

I called the game a sandbox mmo which is exactly what it is. It has no RPG elements other than 8+ msq missions lol

And actually the game DID get completely overhauled lol i think you are seriously misinformed about something, this game was a true Suvival game with full loot, you were able to make your house/town where ever you wanted build houses anywhere dominate tier 5 resources that were ONLY in the north. This is also why you can chop down every tree in game not because AGS thought this was a great idea for a MMO lol a lot of these systems were made for a survival game and converted over to be a mmo after the survival game failed.

And the whole stagger system is only argued by those who played preview for a day or two last year everyone that played in alpha knows staggering was fundamentally bad because you have i frames and desync this is not league of legends where what you see is actually happening in dam near real time and you actually have split milliseconds seconds to react the game becomes who can stagger first instead of playing around abilities.

Maybe you learned a thing or two so you won’t be as ignorant in your next discussion. :)

Go play ff14 it’s a really good MMORPG and you won’t have to ever have to PvP. Don’t use dmg meters though you may get banned xD

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